Create a t-shirt inspired by the sounds that surround you.

Open your ears, what do you hear? The rumble of a distant highway. The buzz of summer cicadas. A universe of pulses, beats, music, voices. We listen closely to the sounds we want to hear—because no one will hear them exactly the same way we do. This is our sound world.

NPR is dedicated to sound. It is their stock in trade. The chanting of protesters in Tahrir Square, the crackle of footsteps, the low murmur of a quiet voice. NPR and its member station network bring the world to life through sounds, voices, and stories.

What are the sounds that inspire you? Is it a song you hear on a Tiny Desk Concert? A story about biodiversity in the Amazon? Or an interview with the man who discovered the world’s deepest cave? Take inspiration from your own connection with NPR’s content to create a design that celebrates sound. Make sure to steer clear of using any NPR personalities or program or public radio station names in your design.

Threadless loves NPR and we hope you do too. Tell us in your design description which station you listen to, whether it’s your local station or one you stream online from thousands of miles away. Please consider donating to your favorite public radio station to help keep their amazing content coming.

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