Atomic Kitties by Pim Tanachwanan is the winner of the Super Cats challenge! We interviewed Pim and found out she thinks cats are just purrrr-fect.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? 

I’m Pim-Tanachwanan Koraphop, live in Bangkok, Thailand. I work on advertising, and illustration is always my favorite thing. 

What inspired your Supercats design? 

I got my first cat almost five years ago and now i’ve got 6 of them. It started off with a stray kitty named Dollar and then my second I adopted from a cat & dog organization. Organizations like those have inspired me ever since. I help stray cats and orphan kitties find new homes and occasionally donate or bid at auctions benefiting cats and dogs to raise money to help them. 

That’s why I admire the work of the ASPCA too and hope there will be more organizations like it to give opportunity to homeless cats and dogs. Cats are amazing, never thought of myself as a cat lover, but when I fell in love with them, i couldn’t stop! 

This is your first Threadless print! How does it feel? Any advice for other artists? 

I was so thrilled just to submit to this challenge! It was a “have-to-submit” challenge for me. For advice for other artists, find a challenge you love and the creativity will come from your heart. 


Congrats on a great print, Pim!