Hey artists!

We’re excited to announce a new opportunity for all artists who submit to Threadless. Anyone that submits or scores knows that for every great design printed on Threadless, there are 50 unprinted that are just as great!

This week we’re bringing an Airstream’s worth of unprinted Threadless designs to Las Vegas for Project trade show. Dozens of buyers from stores you love and visit on the regular will be there checking out printed samples featuring your designs.

This marks the start of a brand new way artists will be able to be compensated for the designs they’ve submitted to Threadless. Now, designs you submitted weeks, months or years ago could find new life in some of your favorite stores.

Of course, the artist will always be notified before we present it to potential wholesale buyers. The artists whose designs are being shown at this trade show have already been notified and like us, are stoked about the potential this opportunity presents.

What better way to introduce Threadless to the wholesale community than to roll up with all the designs in the Threadless Airstream? Follow along this week as Danny and Mark Rose drive the Airstream across the country. We’ll post pictures and anecdotes in this blog and we just might be able to schedule a meetup with you along the way! Follow this blog and our Instagram for the latest.

Stay tuned as more opportunities like this come about. Your design might be next!

Thanks, World’s Largest Truck Stop on Iowa 80, we’re glad to be here as well!

Danny and Mark have found the good life in Nebraska. Don’t be shy if you see them making a pit stop. They have some treats for you.

Colorado folks beeped us from the highway, and found us at a rest stop an hour outside of Denver! We hooked ‘em up!

Danny, Mark, and the Airstream meet the mountains!

Danny and Mark stopped at the Dinosaur Journey Museum in western Colorado and had the Threadless van transformed into a Triceratops!