5 days, 2 wheels and 10 dollar tees: It’s the last day of our #Threadventure! Welcome to Story Arc, a man-made structure of our own imagination! Today, we’ll work together to create a story arc of our own.

Today’s challenge: Add one line to our progressive story in this blog. We’ll start with the first line of the story, then with each comment, each of you add the next line of the story.

Write your story line in bold and leave any comments or questions in regular type.

5 participants will win a $25 Threadless gift code.

The story starts here: After a long sunny ride, Jeff got off his bike, locked it to a stop sign and walked into his hula hoop dance class.

Thanks to everyone who came along with us on this adventure! We had a great time. Don’t forget to pick up those ten dollar tees before 5 pm CT!

And, if you’re taking an adventure to Chicago this weekend for the Threadless Family Reunion, we’ll leave the lights on for ya!