Harmony by John Tibbot and Shadyjibes is up for scoring in our "My Sound World" design challenge with NPR!

Here’s what here’s what John had to say about the inspiration behind their design:

One of the reasons I started to listen to NPR stations is I got tired of my previous stations playing the same music all of the time.

I found a show called All Songs Considered on the NPR app, which has introduced me to some new bands as well as playing things I already like.

It made me think, whatever the music, it’s all music, one big harmony, just like life should be.

So I made the type to replicate the five lines you get on sheet music, and introduced musical notes. The colours represent different genres, making one big ‘Harmony.’”

If you’re inspired by the sounds that surround you, there are still 7 days remaining to submit a design to this challenge!