We had a great time last weekend at the 7th Annual Threadless Family Reunion. Thanks to everyone who came out to make it an extra special event! So many fun things happened that we can’t mention them all, but here are some highlights.

We’re so happy to announce this year’s Bestee winners.

Designer of the Year - Budi Satria Kwan
Number of prints this year: 14
Number of prints total: 70
Number of products sold: 268,490
Number of countries his designs shipped to: 141
Number of 5’s scored on his designs since 1/1/13: 7,874

Design of the Year - Alice Zhang for All of Time and Space
Number of tees sold with this design: 11,846
Number of reprint requests for this design: 13,803 
Total number of Alice’s tees sold ever: 82,942

Collaboration of the Year - Joe Van Wetering & Phil Tseng for Defenders of the Sky
Number of tees sold with this design: 3,414
Number of people in England who bought this tee: 126 (2,850 US)
All time product pageviews: 66,822

Scorer of the Year - Crystal Greig
Number of votes this year: 31,574
Number of lifetime votes: 41,137 (first vote 10/8/12)
How many tees she voted 5 on and helped print: 18
Average number of votes a day: 132.7
Distinct artists whose subs she scored: 14,495

Blogger of the Year - Jeff Guerrero
Number of comments this year: 1099
Number of blogs: 24
Number of times he’s said these words in comments this year:

  • awesome: 41
  • lol: 49
  • lmao: 27
  • wtf: 6
  • :) : 37
  • ;) : 9
  • :( : 14
  • cool: 13
  • rad: 15
  • dude: 14
  • whoa: 8
  • wait: 9

MINI-BESTEE WINNERS ARE HERE! Check out this blog for the winners of the community Mini Bestees!

During the day, we played Threadless-themed carnival games, screenprinted tees, interviewed speakers, shopped designs from our favorite MADE artists, and watched Jeremyville create live art!

Thanks to Jeremyville & Megan MairNathan PyleBudi Satria Kwan, and Priscilla Wilson for letting us grill you with questions. Budi came all the way from Indonesia to chat with us about his 70 prints and Nathan Pyle’s hair!

At the after party, the fun didn’t stop! We were entertained with the talents of Jonny the Juggler, Mark “The Knife” Faje, DJ Sean Dorgan, Show You Suck, and YOU with DJ Steve’s Karaoke.

See more photos in our albumcheck out the photobooth pics, and browse #Threadless7 on Instagram, Vine, and Twitter.

To see favorite memories and add yours, visit iRocko’s and Twiggy Hall’s blogs.

Thanks to those who traveled from other cities, states, and countries to hang out with us! Let’s hang out soon. What city should we get together in next?