They help us understand prime numbers, know our U.S. presidents, and memorize the capital of Peru. They explain the difference between protons and electrons. They are our teachers, and they give us the skills to discover our hidden potential.

To honor those who instruct, educate, and inspire, we’re challenging you to create an original t-shirt design that teaches us something. Tackle a basic principle like 2+2, or explore a complex concept like how to assemble a jumbo jet. Show us the best way to ride a T-Rex or breakdance on Mars. Or maybe even how to ride a breakdancing T-Rex on Mars.

But this challenge isn’t simply to expand our smarts. We’ve teamed up with to directly help those fine folks who develop our minds. 100% of sales from the winning tee will go to, and you get to decide exactly which classroom will benefit from your dough. You can help provide paint brushes for a grade school in Georgia, lab supplies for a chemistry class in California, or teaching resources that save teachers time. And since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is generously funding this challenge’s prizes and production of the winning design, every penny you spend will go to the classroom of your choice.

Check out the challenge details and prizing right here!