We recently hinted at a new feature we’ve been building that allows you to follow all your favorite threadpals.

Here’s what you can do with Following!

  • Follow all of your favorite artists and community members and be notified when they submit new designs to Threadless.
  • Find out when artists you dig have new designs available to purchase.
  • Be notified the moment a new design challenge starts.
  • See the designs your friends are scoring 5$ so you can get in on the action.
  • Get a heads up when someone follows you!
  • Automatically follow artists whose designs you’ve purchased or scored a 5$.

Show off your work!

When you submit a new design to Threadless, we’ll give a shout to all of your followers to come check out your new sub. We’ll also notify your followers when they can purchase your newly printed design. Think of it like instant access to all of your Threadfans!

You may have noticed you’re already following some people. We started you off following the Threadless artists who designed the stuff you’ve bought in the past so you could keep tabs on their future work. If you’d like to unfollow them, just head to your profile and tweak your Following list.

We’ve got a bunch of new following and notification options up our sleeves, especially when it comes to the forum, so stay tuned for updates!

You can always choose which notifications you’d like to receive by logging into your account and adjusting your notification settings.

If you have questions or feedback about following and notifications, please check out our FAQ or post them below and we’ll give you a shout. We’d love to know what notifications you’d like next!