Phil Tseng, AKA pilihp, is an artist from San Diego, California. In Phil’s nearly 7.5 years on Threadless, he has submitted 119 design submissions, and has had 23 of those designs printed! That’s pretty impressive! In fact, Phil was just named Threadless collaborator of the year for his “Defenders of the Sky” design with Joe Van Wetering. Congrats, Phil!

Phil has recently put together a blog post featuring process videos of his vector illustrations, and we just had to share this with you! We’ll let Phil take over now:

Alex recently showed me how to record my laptop screen using QuickTime and I’ve been playing around with recording my process of vectoring my doodles in Illustrator. It’s been fun and also interesting to find out that it usually takes me about an hour to complete a design.

I’m using Adobe Illustrator CS5, the basic setup, and the MacBook Air trackpad (because I’m lazy and I work from my bed). I try to squeeze the long boring videos down to 4 minutes—otherwise you’ll just watch me tinker with selecting colors for 20 minutes.

Enjoy! :)”

Milk and Cereal - Vector Process from Philip Tseng on Vimeo

Hardcore Gamer - Vector Process from Philip Tseng on Vimeo

Corn Dog - Vector Process from Philip Tseng on Vimeo