Hey, what’s the big idea?

When it comes to design, pretty much nothing is more important than the big idea. But even the best concept needs good ol’ artistic dedication to become a great t-shirt. This challenge celebrates those artists who bust their buns and push themselves to the limit to come up with the awesome designs found on Threadless.

Your challenge is to create a design for the next big tee.

We’re looking for the next iconic design—a tee that will take the world by storm and be worn by guys and gals all over the planet for years to come. Show us your $10,000 idea.

In addition to a whoppin’ $10K, the winning tee will be released right before Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year. That means it’s sure to be seen by every tee buyer in Threadland!

As far as what that winning design looks like, we sure don’t have all the answers. It could be anything! Our best-selling tees of the past year span all sorts of themes and artistic styles. In fact, the only thing they seem to have in common is extreme awesomeness. Check out some of this year’s top selling designs below.