Rumor has it President Theodore Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee a day. That’s a man who really loved his java! Even if your love of morning joe isn’t quite as intense as Prez Teddy’s, chances are you down a couple cups to help perk up your day. Whether it’s enjoyed black or light, espresso or flavored, piping hot or iced, no other beverage is adored quite as much as a good ol’ cup of coffee.

This year, we’re celebrating National Coffee Day with Dunkin’ Donuts. In honor of the special day (September 29, 2013), we challenge you to design a t-shirt that celebrates your love of coffee.

We know that designing tees sometimes means staying up into the wee hours - and a caffeinated cup or three helps keep you focused on perfecting your design - so we’ve teamed up with Dunkin’ Donuts to put a year’s supply of coffee on the line. With that many beans in your possession, you could surpass Roosevelt’s coffee consumption in no time!

Check out the details and prizing!