Hey dudes, Jillian here! I stumbled onto Matthew’s Wolf Waffles blog through the Tumblr Radar a while back and was instantly hooked. Look at them! They run! They jump! They ride horses and I love them! Through a little bit of magic and a self-awarded Masters in Lurking, I was able to track Matthew down and ask him some questions. Check out his answers, get to know him a little bit, and keep an eye out for his first ever Threadless submission!


Hey, Matthew. Tell us about yourself. 

Well, I’m originally from California but I’ve been living in Brooklyn for the past 5 years. I work at a digital agency as a production designer and I’m the weirdo that makes the stuff on


How did these animations come to be? What inspired them? 

I’d been trying to turn my characters into a comic book or a cartoon, but it turns out that stuff is hard! Then one day I fell into a Tumblr hole. After a few hours of staring at GIFs I thought, “Hey, I’ll make one of those thingies.”

Do you consider yourself an “artist”? 

No way! I think of myself as someone who knows Photoshop and has internet access. Sometimes right after I post a new GIF I think, “Well, I’ve done my part to make the internet more bottomless.” Which, now that I think of it, seems like some weird kind of performance art. Maybe I’ll change my answer to yes?


Is this your “art” or do you make other “art” too? 

I think the stuff I make is pretty much like a good fart joke. It takes a tiny bit of skill and creativity but in the grand scheme of things it probably wouldn’t be considered art. Plus, I don’t know if MOMA would ever show a GIF of a puking cyclops…

Do you have any favorite artists, makers, or doers? 

Oh that’s hard question… I want to say OutKast but I also want to say Bill Murray. There’s also this homeless guy I see on the subway that plays Rolling Stones songs on a banjo. He seems pretty cool.


What do you do when you’re not making funny little animations? 

Well, Grand Theft Auto V just came out so that’s gonna be my life now.

If the creatures in your GIFs could talk, what would they say? 

They would probably jump out from behind a dumpster and say, “Gimme all your money and maple syrup.” Then they would give you a hug, whisper an insult in your ear and scamper off into the night.


What is a question that you always wished someone would ask you so you could answer it? What’s the answer to that question? 

Q: Would you like some ice cream? A: Yes, please.

Any parting words?

Nope! This was fun. Thank you!

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