The Threadless zombies took a big chomp out out of the prices. Everything is 30% off! Maybe those zombies have a heart! A decaying, slimy, peeling heart.

As a tribute to the price-cuttin’ warehouse walkers, we want you to zombie yourself up in your favorite Threadless tee!

It doesn’t matter how you do it: make-up, funky lighting or a zombie yourself app. Just post a picture of your zombiefied self in a Threadless tee with #spooky30 and our 3 favorites will win a $30 Threadless gift code.

Post to Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr by Oct. 24 and don’t forget to pick up Threadless stuff at 30% off before the sale ends!

NOTE: Only the prices have been chomped. Your tees, hoodies and totes will arrive in tact.