Hi Danilo! How about a quick introduction? 

I work as a graphic designer and when I am not working I usually go out with my wife, friends and family and drink a lot of beers. I like very much to travel, as well (beach, country, etc)…I was born to live in the nature…ha ha ha!!! 

Congratulations on your first print, Liberty Soul! How did you celebrate your win? 

Thank you again! I celebrated with my wife and my friends and we went out to drink in a bar. Can you believe that my brother-in-law got drunk and got naked in the the bar?? It was crazy, dude! 

Do you have any plans with your winnings? 

My plans are to pay my bills and to get better with my drawings. 


What inspired this design? Do you have any ties to the Native American culture and community?

For this specific drawing, I wanted to show a little bit of Brazilian culture and the Native Americans - one of the most important things of our history. 

Did you draw any inspiration from your home country, Brazil? 

Not only things related to my country - I like to draw everything that inspire me (music, nature, people, etc). 


Have you ever spotted any Threadless shirts in Brazil? 

Yes, I have! 

What do you hope people take away from this design? 

Something about Brazilian culture and the natives around the country. 

What’s your favorite type of environment to work in? 

Listening to a good music (reggae!) in a quiet place. 


Can we expect more submissions from you in the future? 

Yes, sure! Pretty soon! 

Any last words or shout outs? 

I am very happy to join to the Threadless family - that really inspired me to continue with my drawings and thanks for the opportunity! 

Thanks Danilo! You can pick up Liberty Soul and a bunch of other fresh new designs today!