Rapscallion" by Julie Benitez is up for scoring in our Mixed Media design challenge! Aside from stitching that rhymin’ scallion’s wardrobe, Julie even wrote this hilarious rap to accompany her design:

"Rap-skullion is in the houuuuuse!
Uh-huh, uh-huh, 
One thing you gotta store in your brain
Is I’m a scallion, don’t ya ever forget that
Nevuh mistake me for a leek
Or I’ll take a leak on ya
Just kiddin’, peace man, leeks are dope
They’re like my big brothas
My personal bodyguards, yup
Those carrots though, they so fine
Give ya Vitamin A from beta-carotene
The color so outrageous, callin’ for attention
But don’t mess with ‘em unless you wanna be in detention
And those beets got the beat
Don’t let their purple color fool ya
One of ‘em almost beat the rap outta me
In a contest way back, March two thousand and three
There’s the potatoes, the tomatoes
The eggplants, the squash
Asparagus, artichokes, hangin’ out with alfalfas
Rhubarb and the cucumber the okra and pods
And all my other bros and sistas chillin in the fridge
That’s all the time I got, I’mma wrap this up now
Just remember my name, the freakin’ Rap-skull-ion”

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