• Absolut / Chicago-Bration / Part 1 - Outdoor

Last Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend the Absolut Chicago-Bration. Absolut was celebrating the new limited edition Absolut Chicago with an amazing day full of cool activities. I had the chance to experience a great party at Threadless headquarters, with a lot of tasty food. So let’s focus first on what happened outside…

While I was sipping a very nice Absolut Vodka lemonade, its unique lavender flavor totally won over me. Then my heart couldn’t make up its mind between chicken, beef, vegs and cheese. It was all about tasty chicken and a nice sauce on top from Porkshop. Some fantastic Ratatouille and Cheese-Spinach empanadas from 5411empanadas which were a little bit of heaven. Plus pesto and spicy tomatoes sauces were pretty awesome too. And finally mouth-watering beef sandwiches from Chubby Wieners. Their fries n cheese were also a standout.  

Even if it was cold outside all the food warmed me up considerably. The atmosphere was super-trendy and funny. Okay, it wasn’t the place to eat with good table manners and delicacy but who cares, I’ve never had such nice food that came close to the awesomeness that I experienced in Chicago. 

Thumbs up to Absolut for this original appetizer show.