Test your art history knowledge with “A-Z Art History" by Evan Ferstenfeld and Enkel Dika, which is currently up for scoring! Here’s what Evan had to say about this submission:

Why spend ages in an arena-sized classroom or a zillion dollars on course books when you can learn the entire history of artistic communication from start to finish in the space of one tee? You can even wear it during finals as an unassuming cheat sheet!

Buko and Frickinawesome collab that stretches 40,000 years of human expression.

A - Caveman Art
B - Egyptian Art
C - Early Americas/Pacific Culture Art
D - Ancient Greece
E - Etruscan/Roman Art
F - Islamic Art
G - Indian Art
H - Chinese Art
I - Medieval Europe (Celtic imagery)
J - Medieval Europe Part II
K - Gothic Art
L - Early Renaissance Art
M - Renaissance Art
N - Japanese Art
O - African Art
P - Impressionism
Q - Van Gogh
R - Art Noveau
S - Picasso
T - Mondrian
U - MC Escher
V - Dali
W - Disney/Consumerism
X - Pop Art
Y - 80s
Z - Banksy”

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