Move over Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, and Hanson, there’s a new family band on the horizon! Forming about two years ago, The Stripes dropped their violins and pianos in exchange for electric guitars, drums, and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll. Ranging in age from seven to fourteen, these little dudes and dudettes stopped by Threadless a while back to play us some original jams (and a couple covers, too)!

After their performance, Threadstaffer Dustin Currier sat down with the band to find out what drives their musical passion.

How would you describe the style of music of The Stripes?

Elliott: (lead guitar, keyboards): I’m not really sure. I guess we never really had a style until recently, and we kinda just made up songs… Y’know, whatever tune seemed right for the song, we just did that. It was never really anything specific to start. 

Do you write music about things that have happened to you in real life?

Eden: (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards): No.

You have a few songs out there about zombies - what do you think is the likelihood of an actual zombie apocalypse happening?

Elliott: It’ll happen at some point.

Eden: Maybe.

Elliott: It’ll happen.

It would be great to see a design on Threadless depicting the Robot Banana Man from your song of that name. Can you tell us more about this character?

Eden: He’s very clumsy.

Elliott: He’s a clumsy robot-slash-banana superhero.

That’s awesome. Did you guys make this superhero up?

Elliott: Yeah.

Eden: Uh huh.

If you could invite any guest musician, living or dead, to collaborate with on a Stripes song, who would be getting that phone call?

Eliza (bass): MC Bat Commander.

Eden: Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk.

Everett (drums): Ricky Fitness.

(All members of The Aquabats)

We hear some of you were playing some more traditional or classical instruments before starting the band - what made you want to convert to the dark side and play rock and roll music instead?

Elliott: It was just more fun.

Everett: I don’t know. (laughs)

Elliott: It seemed more fun, plus [Everett] couldn’t play drums well to the acoustic [instruments]. Louder is better.

How does it feel to play music with your siblings? Has it brought you all closer together?

All: (in unison) Not really. (everyone laughs)

Does it sometimes have the opposite effect?

Eden: Sometimes.

Elliott: Maybe a little bit.

Who is your favorite band who has played the Threadless warehouse so far?

Everett: I haven’t been here, so I don’t know.

Elliott: I don’t know the name of the one we saw, but we’ve only seen one band so I’m gonna have to say that one.

(We’re thinking this was All Eyes West).

Who are some of your favorite musicians right now? Are there any bands would you like to see play here that we haven’t had yet?

Everett: The Aquabats (laughs)

Elliott: Green Day, Vampire Weekend…

Eden: Yeah.

You guys also did a Weezer cover. Are you into them as well?

Eliza: Yeah.

Everett: We’re playing [‘Say It Ain’t So’] in School of Rock.

Elliott: We did that because it was practical. We’re in the Weezer group at School of Rock.

Everett: We had one other Weezer song, but momma told us to skip that song and one of ours.

Elliott: Those were the ones that needed the most work.

Everett: Yeah. It was ‘Surf Wax America’ and ‘I Don’t Know’ that we skipped.

What is your favorite Threadless design and why?

Everett: I don’t know.

Eden: My favorite is this one (“House Brawl”) because it’s Harry Potter and it’s awesome.

Everett: I think a long time ago Elliott had this shirt (“Funkalicious”).

Elliott: No, I had a different version of it. I think my favorite is probably this one (“Abraham”) because it’s awesome, and it’s cool, and it’s Abraham Lincoln punching a dinosaur. Nothing’s better than Abraham Lincoln fighting a dinosaur.

It can take a lot of courage to get up in front of people to play. Do you ever get nervous? If so, how do you fight that nervousness?

Elliott: Um, I’ve only ever really been nervous once, for the first School of Rock show we played, where it was just me. But if you just go on the stage, it just stops and then it’s fine.

Everett: The first School of Rock show I ever played, I was a little bit nervous, too, but I kind of got over it when we were playing our first song.

What is the coolest show that you have ever played?

Elliott: This one.

Everett: This one, because this is the first real show we ever played.

What’s next for the future of The Stripes?!

Everett: I don’t know.

Eden: Write more songs.

Elliott: Yeah, Eden writes the lyrics and I write the music, so probably just more songwriting. More shows.

Everett: A lot more shows.

Elliott: And an album. We also need a decent album.

Everett: Don’t we already have, like, two albums?

Eden: We don’t have any albums.

Elliott: We have two EPs.

Everett: Right, yeah. But we still have those CDs.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the people of Threadless about The Stripes?

Elliott: Oh yeah, we were on the Aquabats! Super Show!

Eliza: On an episode of the second season.

Elliott: The Aquabats have a TV show, and we got onto the second season as extras.

Everett: All the other kids were on a bunch of scenes, and I was only on one.

Elliott: [Everett] and Eden were on a bench in the background of the drum battling scene.

Eden: (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards): No.

We really enjoyed The Stripes’ incredible performance a few months ago, so we invited The Stripes back to Threadless HQ to play at our holiday gift and cookie exchange. What they didn’t know, though, was that Alex and Ross had been working to redesign their band’s logo, and we wanted to surprise them with some tees! Ready for cuteness overload? We warned you: