If you’re an active Vine user, you may have seen him before. He’s that friendly-looking dude who blows your mind with six second doses of magic. Zach King has a knack for taking everyday situations, such as turning water into ice, and flipping your brain upside down with a (possibly mind-numbing) dose of visual trickery! If you’re not familiar, here’s a good example of what we’re talking about:

See that? Mind blown. Goodbye, brain. It was nice knowin’ ya!

After being introduced to Zach’s videos, we were taken aback by how creative and seamless every illusion was. Is it video editing? Is there any sleight of hand involved? Could it actually be magic? Honestly, we don’t want to know the answer. We’re just going to believe that Zach is magical.

Oh, do you know what else is magical? What Zach does to Threadless tees:

But wait, there’s more:

However he’s doing it, we love it!

Keep making your fascinating videos, Zach, and we’ll keep sitting here scratching our heads in wonder.