Point and laugh at pop culture. Then design something awesome.

Designers, it’s time to drum up your clever wit, perceptive point of view, and, of course, hilarious sense of humor. We want you to spoof stuff. And spoof the heck out of it. Spoof your favorite TV show, movie or meme. Exercise your right to exaggerate, imitate and lampoon pop culture, classic literature, trending icons - whatever your heart of mockery desires. Well, whatever your heart of mockery desires within our parody rules. We’d like to say that the law loves all parodies with equal measure, but alas, the law plays favorites.

So, anyway, here’s the challenge: mock, make fun, recreate, imitate, spoof. Be ridiculously brilliant. Be absurdly awesome. Be preposterously wise. Make us lolz. If you make us lolz super hard, you could win $10,000. And that’s nothing to laugh at.

Get goin’, peeps - create your best paroTEE!