Have you checked out this week’s NEW TEES yet? Well, how about we hear a little bit about each design from the designers themselves! You can also click a designer’s name to go to their new design.

"I’ve been a huge Adventure Time fan since the day Pendleton Ward introduced the world to it. There are times where I wish it was reality, so I wanted to portray two of the characters in a real life setting and look. One day guys, one day." Buy this tee now!

"I like skull shirts! But hey, who doesn’t, right?? I do like to try and come up with something unique with them though, since they can become overdone pretty easily. I figured that since the skull is synonymous with death, an obituary collage was good idea to play around with. Getting printed at Threadless feels every bit as awesome as you might imagine, and I get the feel-goods every time a sub of mine does well at all! Thanks Threadpeeps!" Buy this tee now!

"The concept and the character is an export of a ton sci-fi movies. A giant visitor from outerspace named "Octorg" (probably an octapus and an alien’s affair !) . The design is based at a 80’s sci-fi movies poster aesthetics , adjusted to our contemporary times. 3D softwares and photoshop are the tools that were used." Buy this tee now!

"I must say I almost die when I read I was the winner of the girly design challenge, literally. I read the email when I was still in bed and got up so quickly I almost fainted. But this close to death experience was compensated by the fact of seeing my first design printed! I simply drew what I’d love to wear, a super girly, fresh and full of flowers design. And it worked!" Buy this tee now!

"This design tells the story which all creatives have in common, the fear or anticipation before starting a project. The white paper or screen that stares at you at every beginning, that white space that is challenging you. Also it is a story about procrastination." Buy this tee now!

"LOOK! It’s a flying cat… It’s an electric guitar… It’s a rocket… YES, it’s a ROCKAT!" Buy this tee now!


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