#DO52 is a weekly project to inspire you to create more art!  We’ll announce a new theme each week. Post your submission in the blog comments.  We’ll feature our favorites in this blog the following Friday.

#DO52week12: Create a selfie of your past life!

  • Use yourself as a canvas and get all dressed up to take a selfie of who (or what) you imagine you might have been in a past life.

Once you’ve completed this week’s #DO52, add this badge to your Threadless profile:


Check out a couple selfies from this #DO52!’s deer selfie:

lxromero’s pirate selfie:

Note: We recognize that the comments section of the blog has been wonky lately, and we are currently working on it. For now, post your #DO52 from this week on Tumblr, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #DO52week12. We will scour the internet to find your submissions. We promise!