Let’s all take a second to congratulate Fernando Degrossi. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Fernando is the winning designer from our Patterns design challenge! Though there were so many great submissions in this challenge, Fernando’s cityscape pattern, “Top View”, rose to tower above the rest. Below, check out our interview with Fernando to learn a little more about this incredible artist!

Congrats on your winning design! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thanks! My name is Fernando Degrossi, I am a graphic designer and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I have a design agency specializing in branding, and I use my free time to draw.

How did the concept of patterns lead you to create a design based on a cityscape?

I live in São Paulo, the largest city in Latin America. When we climb on top of tall buildings, it is possible to see the immensity of the buildings that exist in the city. The inability to identify where the city begins and where the it ends reminds me of a giant pattern. I couldn’t create an abstract pattern or beautiful art. I like to create things that have a concept, something recognizable in the real world.


Is this design based off any city in particular?

Yes, I was inspired by São Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in Latin America. But the pattern is a tribute to all the great cities of the world.

Your design seems to capture the intricacy and precision represented in and necessary for city development. How did you work to recreate this?

I believe the pattern is more interesting when there are no spaces between the drawings. For the final result to look good, the entire drawing needed to be connected.

You refer to the city depicted in this design as a “gray stone jungle.” What real life “gray stone jungle” do you find most intriguing, and why?

Sometimes I ask myself if I would live somewhere else, and my answer is no. Living in a “gray stone jungle” is often dangerous and chaotic, but it has charm. When I visit places like quiet towns, farms, or beaches, I like those a lot too, but I cannot spend much time. I’m used to the kind of life of living in a big city.

What kinds of steps did you go through to arrive at the finished product? (If you have any WIP images to include to illustrate the process, that would be great!)

Here is my WIP:


Do you have any background on textile design, or an avid interest in pattern development that helped inspire this design?

Yes, look at the top view of my city!


What type of advice would you give to other artists when designing with a repeat?

The designers should make lines or drawings that connect with each other so that the final result appears to have no end.

In your opinion, what should every great city include?

Big cities need to have everything; it’s the great advantage of living in one. However, cities cannot only have buildings, they also need to have open spaces such as parks, rivers, and many tree-lined streets.

Any final shout-outs?

That’s it! And, I hope I have the opportunity to work more often with patterns.

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