O Canada, we love you. Seriously, you’re the best upstairs neighbor that we’ve ever had! Home to poutine, the walkie-talkie, and just aboot the nicest people around, Canada is also full of amazing artists!  Seeing as today is Canada Day, we wanted to take some time to highlight just a few of the incredible Canadian designers on Threadless! Check ‘em out, eh?

Eric Fan (Toronto)

Terry Fan (Toronto)

Michael Lopez (Toronto)

Yannick Bouchard (Quebec City)

Paul Berthelot (Ottawa)

Patrick Seymour (Montreal)

Can’t get enough of these Canadian designers? Check out these artists too:

Jan Avendano

Tiffany Pankratz

Corey J. Isenor

Joelle Wall

Will McDonald

Matthew Dupuis

James Olofson