You know we’re always trying to make sure you look your best. Whether it’s six new shirts a week to keep you looking stylish, or making your online presence is as beautiful as you are in real life, we strive to keep you lookin’ gooooood. That’s why we’re so pumped to tell all of you that we’ve just rolled out an entirely new Threadless user profile interface! It’s sleek, it’s fun, and it’s got everything you need in a hearty profile page. Huzzah! Head on over to your profile page (hint: try and check out these awesome new features below.

  • Our complete facelift of the user profile is responsive across devices (try it on your iPhone, desktop, or tablet)!

  • Show your style and personalize your profile with a new Artist Statement and Cover Photo (You can even upload a GIF as your Cover Photo)! Check out some of our current favorites: Phil Jones, Camille Chew, and Alex Solis.

  • Drastically simplified Account Settings allows you to capture only the info you really need

  • Brand new, custom default avatars and cover photos for those of us who are too busy to upload

  • An all new Activity Feed showing your recent activity on Threadless

  • Easy sorting for your designs, both printed and archived, presented in an infinitely-scrolling view

  • Super simple stats field for all of your social connections, location and following info

  • Clearly view alumni status (via a cute, little trophy)

  • Finding your Facebook Friends on Threadless is now super easy.

So, dive on in and start customizing your brand new Threadless profile page! We want it to be as unique as you are!