This week’s been pretty exciting around Threadless; we launched our $20,000 design challenge (our biggest yet!), which introduced our brand new feature, Funding! While Funding is currently only available through the challenge, it will soon be eligible sitewide and apply to all submissions. Therefore, we figured we’d start honing you all to be Funding pros right off the bat with some tips and tricks! Read on to get the skinny on Funding successfully, then take your skills to the road by applying them to your awesomely awesome 20k design challenge submissions!

  1. Share that promo code! After you submit a design, you’ll receive a super special promo code unique to your submission that unlocks all sorts of advantages - of the monetary kind! Include it whenever and wherever you share your design; if someone uses the promo code when they fund your design, they’ll get $5 off, and you’ll receive double the earnings on that purchase. Basically, it’s a great way to encourage your buddies to fund and help promote your design! (However, please refrain from posting the promo code in the comment section of your design. We’re trying to keep everyone playing fair, peoples!)

  2. Upload your design to the forums for feedback! The Threadless community is a bounty of super duper awesome artists, many of whom are more than willing to give helpful, thoughtful, and insightful feedback on your work. Before you submit a design, share it with the community on the forums; they may offer critiques that will elevate your design to a whole new level. With their help, you can perfect your work and make it something that design-loving peeps everywhere can’t help but fund!

  3. Encourage people to fund AND score! Funding might be the new kid on the block, but good old scoring is still as important as ever. High scores help designs rise to the top of the scoring feed, which increases their visibility to be seen, and therefore funded. So when you’re sharing your awesome design (with the promo code, of course!), make sure you remind all your followers to not only fund, but score your design, too!

  4. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Who holds the ultimate power of getting your design fully funded? YOU! And how do you make it happen? BY SHARING! We can’t say this enough: share the heck out of your design, and then share it again. Share it with the promo code, and share it with a reminder to fund AND score. Now is not the time for humility, folks! You created something awesome that the world should know about, so get it out there, get it seen, and get it fully funded!