The Next Big Tee winner is here! Watch as we surprise Billmund with the big news that his design “INTERNET scored him $10,000. Then, read about his process, plans for his winnings and his thoughts on internet cats.

Hi - How about a quick introduction? Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Billmund, I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, now based in Bristol, UK and I’m a freelance Illustrator represented by The Drawing Book Studios.

When you’re not drawing, what do you enjoy doing?

Reading comics, drinking.

Where does ‘billmund’ come from?

It’s a weird nickname from High School that I’ve unwisely allowed to endure throughout my professional life! A friend decided ‘Bill’ was too pedestrian and stuck ‘mund’ on the end because he enjoyed the name Edmund so much he felt all his friends should be munds.

How did you hear about Threadless?

I have a feeling it may have been via the Faesthetic blog, I’d ordered Faesthetic 7 and 8 and then somehow stumbled onto Threadless and immediately jumped on board!

We saw how you reacted when you learned you won - do you have any special plans for the winnings?

Haha, yeah, you guys got me good! The prize money will come in handy in a bunch of different ways, I’ll blow a bunch of it on Xmas presents, comics for me and dog sledding with my girlfriend when we’re in Iceland next week.

How did you go about deciding what the “next big tee” was?

I’ve got a growing list of ideas that I plucked this from, just unordered notes a few words long, this one was basically “Voltron made of real cats” which I thought was stupid enough to be kinda funny. I really wanted to push the stupid factor so turned up the 80s affect with the mackintosh body and keyboard pants and big blonde mullet. After I’d sketched it out I realised this thing is basically the internet, and then I designed the logo and put him in space.

Can you share any process pictures/videos of your design, Internet?

Yep, I’ve sent the pencils, inks, flats, and final colours via wetransfer (as you can see he originally had a unicorn head)

I love the old school Voltron look of this. Who would be the Internet Cat’s version of Prince Lotor (archenemy)?

That might be an entity called Señor Censorship, whom is basically made of millions of dark matter censorship bars (not necessarily Spanish).

Who is your favorite internet cat? Do you have any cats of your own? (Feel free to include any pictures)

I don’t actually own any cats, but my favourite internet cat is probably Smoosh.


Thanks for chattin’ with us Bill! Congrats on your win. Now, everybody go buy The Next Big Tee!