10 Essential Stocking Stuffers to Give This Holiday Season

What’s better than one big fancy gift during the holidays? A buncha smaller fun gifts! Stocking stuffers are the most fun gifts to give, and not just because you can get more stuff for less cash: they’re the most fun to shop for, combine, and creatively gift to people. Whether you’re shopping for a coworker for Secret Santa gift or for a loved one, stocking stuffers are crucial gifts for the holidays. Check out these 10 essential stocking stuffers that people will love to get and that you’ll love to gift this holiday season!

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“7 Sins” by Lucian

Useful, practical, and let’s be real – who doesn’t love a really rad mug? You gotta love clever mugs, and so will your loved ones.

How to gift it:

  • Gift a mug in an extra large Xmas stocking!
  • Stuff the mug full of bags of ingredients for the perfect hot chocolate to sip during the chilly season.
  • Fill it with an assortment of nerdy fandom teas that your friends or fam will geek out about.

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And Ramen” by Andrew C. Steger & Scott Steger, “Sushi Hug” by andrefmuller & tihmoller, “Free Hugs” by DinoMike, “Untitled” by Dan Sheffield, and “Die Trying” by Mike Bautista

That’s right, Threadless has pins! The pin craze is, like, so hot right now, and we’re as stoked as you are. You almost can’t go wrong with getting someone pins. They’re collectible, people love them, and you can get a bunch of them without breaking the gift-buying budget.

How to gift it:

  • Secure the pins to the outside of a stocking for extra cuteness and decoration. Or give someone a mini-stocking (awww) filled just with pins.
  • Give someone a rad ugly sweater and secure the pins to that.
  • Secure pins to everyones’ cards (or place settings if you’re hosting a placecard-y kind of dinner party) for the holidays as a little bonus gift!

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Stickers are one of those things that are better to stumble upon or get as a gift
than to go out and buy yourself. It makes them more special, and also makes them the perfect gift!

cyber_monday_sticker_packsHow to gift it:

  • Put them in the cards you give to loved ones on the holidays.
  • Cover a blank notebook in stickers you know someone will love to make them a rad customized notebook.
  • Stick them on peoples’ backs when they’re not looking (why not, right?)


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Not Today, Satan” by Kelly Larson, “Retro Camping” by Elizabeth, “Toothless” by Pepe Rodriguez, “Sports!” by Matt Wilson, and “Love Wins” by BeanePod and Rossmat8

Just as the pin craze is blowing up right now, the patch craze is right there with it!

How to gift it: 

  • Gift them with a jean jacket or vest to match.
  • Slip them into cards you give to people for the holidays (makes them sendable too!)

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Zip Pouches

“Die of Providence” by Ville Morkki

Whether it’s to hold ALL the d20s, for an artist to hold all their art supplies, or even just to hold quarters for your trip to the laundromat, everyone can use zip pouches for something.

How to gift it:

  • Make the zip pouch the stocking! Stuff it with goodies like pins, patches, and stickers for an extra surprise.
  • Give a pouch within a pouch: pouchception! Get several pouches of different sizes and put one inside the others for bonus gifts and for a rad matching (or just themed…or random! Your call!) gift set.

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“NTNL PRKS” by Ross Zietz

The writer or artist in your life can never have enough notebooks. Literally never. It’s just an endless need for notebooks. So you can’t go wrong gifting a cool notebook to the creatives or extreme note-takers and list-makers in your life!

How to gift it:

  • Stuff it in a stocking…although it might be a pretty boxy-lookin’ stocking.
  • Get a set of three matching notebooks.
  • Write personalized messages and doodles on a few of the pages, then gift the notebook to a loved one!

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Art Prints

“Disgruntled” by Joel Robinson

You can’t beat a really cool art print. Get a print worthy of hanging on a loved ones wall.

How to gift it:

  • Get a collection of prints that all go together nicely to form a beautiful collection of prints curated with love.
  • Gift them along with some string lights and bulldog clips to give someone in your life everything they need to make a rad gallery wall.
  • Give them to someone who really needs something on their walls…we all know the person whose lived in the same place for 4 years and still has nothing hanging up.

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Road Trip” by alfie bocabel, “Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems” by Ira Vogel, and “LaMonstre” by Derin Ciler

Whether they use them every day for work, for traveling, or just for a trip to the grocery store, everybody needs totes. So why not gift someone a tote with a design they’ll dig?

How to gift it: 

  • Stuff the tote with other gifts someone will love.
  • Pair a tote with matching or themed tees, pins, or mugs!
  • Get someone close to you a weekender bag, and a surprise weekend trip to pack for!

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Trust us: if there’s one thing we know about, it’s tees.

How to gift it: 

  • Give a tee along with a matching tote or mug swag.
  • Roll up a bunch of tees and do a family or friend celebration grab-bag.
  • Gift an ugly sweater tee to be festive and cute.

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Phone Cases

Cat-Cat” by Mike Mitchell, “Sloth Stripe” by Kellabell9, and “Flux” by Chuck Pavoni

What’s the key to being someone’s favorite person? Getting them a phone case so rad, they’ll swap it in for their old one.

How to gift it: 

  • See above photo! That presentation though!
  • With a brand new iPhone inside of it (maybe wishful thinking…are you reading this, mom?)
  • With a shiny new pair of headphones.

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Bonus #11! Gift Card


Just can’t decide on a design to get someone? Never fear: that’s what gift cards are for! Get someone the gift of getting whatever their heart desires from Threadless this holiday.

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