10 Super Fun T-Shirts and Matching Face Masks for School

Sorry, kiddos. Summer break ends soon and class is almost in session. And not a Zoom class where your teacher spends 40 minutes trying to not be a potato. We’re talkin’ old-fashioned, in-person schooling. The kind where you should probably wear something other than superhero pajamas and sleep in your eyes. We’re not going to lie—it’s going to be strange. With COVID-19 variants emerging and Face Mask mandates returning to several areas, many students will have to mask up in the hallways and classroom. Now is the time to consider stocking up on Face Masks for the school year.

At Threadless, we offer four styles of Face Mask for everyone from preschoolers to college students. Since we launched Face Masks last year, Threadless artists have decked them out with all sorts of mind-blowing art. These accessories have become a unique way for the wearer to express their personality, interests, and humor. Plus, a portion of proceeds from every Face Mask sale benefits MedShare as part of Threadless Causes. Our community has donated more than $500,000 to the nonprofit organization!

For all the students and parents out there, we’ve paired some of the most awesome T-Shirts we could find with matching Face Masks to create 10 classroom-ready looks. Each one takes inspiration from some of the most popularly searched words at Threadless. Let’s all do our part to help stop the spread, and look awesome doing it!

1. Future Kahlos, Pollocks, and Picassos

When some parents catch their kids drawing on the walls, they send the little vandals to timeout. Other parents cut out the scribbled-on piece of drywall and put it on the refrigerator. If you’re raising the next Rembrandt, nurture their creativity with an art-themed T-Shirt and Face Mask combo.

2. Felines Run in the Family

When school was still largely virtual, the biggest class clown was the one who coughed up hairballs and knocked over glasses of water for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL (sorry—flashback). Now that in-person schooling is back, Jasper can no longer interrupt Zoom classes with her hijinks. If you know a student who misses their furry friends during the day, get them Tees and Face Masks bedecked with cats.

3. Nature is in Their Nature

Some kids can spend an entire class looking out the window, daydreaming about being outside. That’s where they can climb trees, skip rocks, and bury their report cards. If you know a student who can’t get enough fresh air, find a T-Shirt and Face Mask combo that channels their appreciation for nature.

4. Everybody Knows You’re a Mother-Flippin’ Monster

College is a place where many young adults get their first taste of freedom. And it tastes like microwave ramen and stale beer. Just because you may have a reputation for being a party monster on the weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t also be a monster in the classroom. Work hard, play hard, right? Hit the books like an absolute beast with monster-themed T-Shirts and Face Masks.

5. Dino-Style Never Goes Extinct

Children today are still obsessed with dinosaurs. And it’s not even a generational thing. They’ve never even ridden a brontosaurus to school like our ancestors did when they were kids. Find out what your child’s favorite prehistoric creature is, and you’ll surely be able to unearth it in our vast selection of dinosaur T-Shirts and Face Masks.

6. Radiant, Vibrant, Unmistakable Pride

Be. Your. Self. Unapologetically. It’s easier said than done, especially for LGBTQIA+ people who face discrimination on a daily basis. But it’s one of the most important life lessons a young person can learn. Threadless artists from all over the world make Pride–focused art that celebrates inclusivity and empowers the LGBTQIA+ community.

7. Hail Science!

Science leads us to major breakthroughs that impact our lives in profound ways. The COVID-19 vaccine. Commercial aviation. Freestyle machines that let you mix cherry cola and cream soda. If you know someone who’s favorite subject is science, Threadless has a wide selection of Tees and Face Masks for the aspiring inventor, astrophysicist, or doctor.

8. Positive Mental Attitude

Kids need to be showered in positivity so they can dream big and have the courage to achieve their goals. Our global community of artists continues to make bright, uplifting designs to instill confidence in the wearer.

9. Insatiable Bookworms

When it’s time to take a break from studying, some students play video games or stream their favorite movie. Others close their textbook and crack open a different book. There’s no greater escape than getting lost in a page turner. If you or your loved one’s favorite pastime is reading, Threadless has tons of T-Shirts and Face Masks for bibliophiles.

10. Awkward, But Endearing

Our formative years through early adulthood are filled with excruciating awkwardness, unfortunate fashion choices, and Tweets that age like mayonnaise. It’s a bumpy road trying to figure out who the heck you really are. Rather than making each other feel self-conscious about our quirks, let’s send a message that things only get weird if you make them weird. Get a T-Shirt and Face Mask pairing that embraces, not hides, eccentricities.

The designs featured in the image at the top of this post are “Rainbow Heart” by fhigi25 and “Heavy Metal!” by badbugs_art.

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.