12 Best Tweets From #ThreadTWD

The leaves are turning. We’re trading summer sweating for sweaters. Pumpkins are…pumpkining. You know what it’s time for…

Fall Television. 

You can’t spell Fall without “TV” (it’s silent). Last week, we invited you guys to watch and live-tweet The Walking Dead with us as it came back from the death that is the summer TV hiatus. 

Zombies, Rick’s love of all things coral, the endless sea of memes – oh, how we’ve missed it. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.56.28 PM
(Beautiful art courtesy of knowyourmeme)

And y’all so came through. Here’s some of our favorite #ThreadTWD tweets from the night and the winners of all the weird challenges we gave ya:

There was romance…

Fandom crossover…

And some moments that made us wonder if AMC is trying to recreate scenes from our shirts… 

We even got caught up with the season…

Spoilers, amiright? And then got some helpful safety advice:

But as far as winners go, there can be only one…well, three in this case. And seeing as our challenges were “best tweet”, “find a peanut butter protein bar” (because why not?), and “best selfie”, behold our champions:

Congrats to our flash challenge winner for “show us a a peanut butter protein bar RIGHT now!”,

Hilaaarious best-tweet-of-the-night tweeter,

And most epic zombie shirt selfie of the night.

Missed out? Want to be the proud winner of finding a protein bar, taking an epic selfie, or just being your hilarious self?

Have no mo’ FOMO – we’re doin’ this every week. So come hang out with us next Sunday for episode two of this season of TWD using #ThreadTWD. I mean, hang with us on Twitter. In real life I believe that’s called stalking.

And if you’re really dying (ha, zombie puns) to win that zombie shirt selfie challenge, we got ya covered…literally. Check out our horde of zombie tees:


The Horde is here, Happiness is Fleeting is right here, and Early Morning Breakout is right here, plus like…so many more here. We like our zombies.



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