15 Reasons Why $15 Tees Are AWESOME

Call it our soon-to-be-spring cleaning so that you can get a new spring wardrobe, but WE’RE HAVIN’ A FREAKIN’ SALE! For the next 24 hours, snag tees for just 15 bucks!

$15 tees? You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow.


Still need convincing? Say no more – here are 15 reasons why $15 tees are rad.

The sales prices are as marked and this sweet, sweet deal ends March 3rd at 10 AM (CT), so snag discounted swag while you can! 

.     .     .

1) You’re too pretty not to treat yo’self.

“Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty” by Tobias Fonseca

2) It’s still too cold in these parts to treat yourself with ice cream.

“Meowlting” by ilovedoodle

3) It’s a scientific fact that t-shirts have less calories than burgers.

“Burgerman” by zackolantern

4) Because EVERYONE deserves a tee! You and all your comrades!

“Communist Party” by Tom Burns

5) No one will ever be as cool as a space man holding a boombox…but wearing a shirt with one on it is close.

“Funkalicious” by Fen

6) There’s JUST enough room in your closet to fit one more tee PERFECTLY. We know…we checked…

“Russian Cargo” by Hans Krebs

7) One does not simply NOT take advantage of $15 tees…

“Visit Mordor” by Mathiole

8) …and if you did miss out, you’d be flocking crazy.

“Flock of Birds” by radiomode

9) It’s good for your mind, body, and wallet.

“Avocardio” by mogumogu

10) Dilly-dallying means you’ll miss the sale! It’s only 24 hours!

“Speed is Relative” by Josh Billings

11) Because a t-shirt is like an all-day hug for your body.

“Dino Hug” by ilovedoodle

12) WWNJD?

“Ninjesus” by Mathiole & Hafaell Pereira

13) Kiwi love you and kiwi want you to be happy.

“Kiwi Anatomy” by William McDonald

14) You’d be bananas to miss this deal.

“Banana Fiction” by Alberto Arni

15) Because happiness is fleeting. And so is this deal. Therefore this fleeting deal = happiness. Don’t question it.

“Happiness is Fleeting” by Kerry Callen

What are you still doing here?! This sale’s, like, 5 minutes closer to being over! Go getchyerself some swag!

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