21 Designs to Wear to Avoid Awkward Family Conversations This Year

Winter is coming, and you know what that means. No, not a new season of Game of Thrones (we wish). It means the holidays are just around the corner! Besides knowing that you’ve forever secured a place at the kid’s table despite having a full-time job and your own place, family gatherings also mean that the awkward questions and comments around the dinner table are about to BEGIN! They’re truly the gift that nobody asked for but everyone gets, and they bind us all together. I mean I think it’s safe to say that this year for Thanksgiving, we’d all be thankful to not get asked about when we’re going to get married (/rant over).

But we’ve got your back this year…literally. With Thanksgiving coming up and about to kick off the holiday season in the states, here are 21 designs you can rock to avoid those awkward family conversations (or cause them, you anarchist, you) before the tryptophan coma kicks in.

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“SO…are you dating anyone?”

When Harry Met Sandwich” from David Olenick’s Artist Shop.

“Oh, you’re an artist! That’s interesting! How do you make money?”

Art Class Schmart Class” by BeanePod.

“When I have grandkids…” *Looks at you*

Cats Are Nice” by Joel Robinson.

“How’s the job search?”

You See My Problem, Right? 2” from Drawmark’s Artist Shop.

When you’re around that fam member who starts sentences with, “I’m not racist/sexist, but…”

ReSisters” by It Must Bee a Sign.

“Have you been to that Church/Temple near you yet?”

Hail Pizza” by robotboot.

When you’re trying to set a good example for the young family members (including their parents…)

Hate is Learned” by Katie Campbell.

“Why don’t you wear something a little more ladylike?” 

Purrrsist!” by Vó Maria.

“I heard so-and-so’s son is single, too. You should meet up!”

I’m Cute!” from Timecowboy’s Artist Shop.

“Why don’t we ever see you with a boy/girl?”

Gay is OK” by Perry Beane and Daniel Arzola.

“What exactly can you DO with that major?”

All Shall Stop” by Mathiole.

“Oh, you’re still not eating meat, huh?”

Who Invited the Herbivore?” by Gemma Correll.

Or, on the other hand: “Oh, you’re still eating meat, huh?”

Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder.” by Stu.

When the #political talk starts

Shut Your Fingers Up” by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira.

“Why aren’t you coming downstairs? EVERYONE’S gonna be here soon!”

Introvert!” by Nicholas Ginty.

“Do you even know how to do your own laundry?”

Glossary” by A Tarrisse.

“So how’s school?”

Dogtor‘ by Joel Robinson.

“When did you decide to be gay? Is that a new thing?”

No Limits” by John Tibbott.

“Are you meeting a lot of people?”

Party Bat” by Jillian Fisher.

“Oh, you’re getting certified to teach yoga? That’s nice…”

Do Yoga Not War Dog” by fuku.

Find more designs here!

Featured image is “Make it Weird” from Garbage Party’s Artist Shop.

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