20 Turntable-Worthy Designs That Every Music Nerd Needs

The Top 40 tunes will change. Playlists will come and go. But vinyl? Vinyl is forever. Just like Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy still rocks a walkman and cassettes, you know that the music lovers of the future will probably outfit their space station bedrooms with the turntables of tomorrow. Whether you’re a longtime vinyl fan or you’re just starting to grow your collection, it’s always a good time to support your local record store: on Record Store Day, or on just any ol’ day. To celebrate the not-so-lost art of vinyl, we wanted to share some turntable-worthy art found in Discover that had us like, “Now That’s What I Call Music Designs”. Here are 18 music-inspired designs to rock on your next trip to the record store, or while you’re just spinning some tunes at home.

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Devil Music| Hometown Hustle

Music, Everywhere| Speakerine

Music Speaks| Mad Rey

Rock Print| Mhacksi

All You Need is Love| Buko

Purrrfect Music| Ahokoivu

Music Man| Eric Fan

Sunset Vinyl| Vanphirst

Vinyl City| Yuri Lobo

Vinyl Woods| Hey Jey

The Dark Side of the Moon| Buko

Vinyl Running| Mateus Quandt

Music Follows| Ary Milligan

Data| Speakerine

MTN LP… (Blue Variant)| NDTank

Fashion| Bulo

Polyvinyl – Rainbow Vinyl| Polyvinyl

Pizza Vinyl| Fathi

Guitar Vinyl| Somgai

Explore more music designs on Discover!

Featured design is “At the Record Store” by Pigboom Kaboom.

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