21 Funny Designs That Will Make You LOL Every Time

Art has the power to make you feel with its beauty and complexity… It also has the power to make you snort-laugh in public or bust out laughing out loud in your very quiet office. Fancy typography that drops an anti-motivational F-bomb, insanely cute designs paired with a hilariously dark message, the absurd art pieces that make you bust a gut and then ask, “But WHY, though?!” We all need a good laugh, and funny art has a direct line to your funny bone! Here are 21 funny designs that will make an already good day great and the not-so-good days 100x better!

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Trash Dolphin” by Jake Lawrence

Gangster” by Yort Evangelista

Birds With Arms” by Nicholas Ginty

Disgruntled” by Obinsun

Hi Horse by Obinsun

Life” by BB Tamagotchi

Projecting Calm” by Fox Shiver


The Allergies” by Teo Zirinis

Girls Are Easy to Draw” by BRANDARA

Scooch and Booch” by Andres Gomez

Party Hard” by Christopher Allen Trejo

Dogtor” by Obinsun

I Like Pretty Things and The Word Fuck” by swallowlikealady

Birth of a Legend” by Jakub Gruber

Half Horse Half Yogurt” by Steven Rhodes


Look at All the Fox I Give” by Nicholas Ginty

Let’s Summon Demons” by Steven Rhodes

12 Animals (That Are Definitely Not an Octopus)” by Gabe Pyle

Not Today Satan” by Kelly Larson

Loathe is the Answer” by David Olenick

Have a Nice Day!” by Vó Maria


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Carlyn Hill

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