4 Tee & Shoe Combos To Rock Immediately

Wow wow wee waa (Borat Voice).

I’m really excited to be blogging for one of my favorite places on the inter-web. I love a good t-shirt, and even more I love a great pair of shoes to accessorize that kick-ass chest piece. So, let me show you how to pair up some of my favorite Threadless designs with just the right shoes. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best of both worlds.

1. “Technicolour Rex” + Nike: Mid Blazer White+PurpleThreadless

Elisha Hale has created one of my favorite designs currently on Threadless, “Technicolour Rex“. A T-Rex spitting out technicolour rays couldn’t be more perfect to pair with these great mid-top shoes from Nike. Nike is the king of simple colorways, and this style’s great rubber swoosh on the all canvas body totally pops. This t-shirt, summer shorts, and these awesome Nike shoes is the perfect start to a technicolour summer.

2. “Free Hugs” + Adidas: Red + Black Low-TopsAdidas

What a great idea for a shirt! If there’s one thing I love more than a great design, it’s one with a strong concept, and Dino Mike has done just that with “Free Hugs“. This simple, eye-catching design is a total head-turner, and there’s no better way to rock this tee than with this pair of Adidas. Since the shoes are not the exact same red as the shirt but still in the same color family, the look won’t appear like you’re trying too hard to color coordinate. Add a pair of black cotton shorts and you’re ready for free some hugs in the sun. (Although these hugs in particular you may not want to accept.)

3. “Party Heart” x “Nike: All White Son of Force”


Party Heart” is a design to die for. Created by Pedro Josue Carvajal Ramirez, it’s very well thought out and executed, featuring a simple one color design with precise lines that does the trick for me. Paired with Nike all-white Son of Force high-tops, the design’s effective simplicity is perfectly accentuated. Completing the look with denim shorts and Wayfarers, I can picture myself at an outdoor concert, beverage in hand, dancing away.

4. “No WIFI” x “Vans: Star Wars Yoda Aloha”


No WIFI” by Trevor Ede reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in Asia in the ’90s I never had WIFI. In fact, we only had two shows on TV, which I believe to remember as “Scooby Doo” and a dubbed version of “Doctor Dolittle”. Funny, simple, and quirky, this design reminds me of the good old days, and is complemented perfectly by the bold, colorful, and floral Star Wards Yoda Vans, which scream “party on my feet”. Yoda didn’t need WIFI to make him happy, to pair these two together, go out, and enjoy life. Unplug for a couple of hours and discover the great natural beauty out there.

Do you guys have any go-to tee and shoe combos? If so, share your faves!

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