5 Designs To Celebrate Bikes

May is bike month! Check out these amazing two-wheeled designs that celebrate what makes biking so awesome.

Biking saves on gas money.

Infinity MPG by Ross Zietz

 You can go practically anywhere on your bike. (But you might occasionally need a boat.)

World of Bike by Matt Hoch

It’s the best way to go pick up a baguette.

Paris in Love by Lim Heng Swee

Choosing bike transportation is great for the environment!

Nature Call! by Yeoh Guan Hong

And of course, Pee Wee does it. That automatically means its cool.

In The Basement Of The Alamo by Josh Williams

Happy Bike Month! Keep pedalin’.

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Jess Hanebury

Jess Hanebury is the Director of Social & Brand strategy at Threadless. In addition to supporting incredible artists from around the world, she enjoys bikes, cheese and TV.