5 Instagrams To Follow Right Now

If you’re looking for artful inspiration, you don’t have to go much further than Instagram. So many artists and makers of all types post incredible photos, designs, and finished products on the regular. It’s hard not to spot something, be instantly inspired, and drop everything you’re doing to dive into your own next big project.

Over here at Threadless, we each have our own favorite Instagram accounts. We decided our favorites were better shouted from the rooftops then kept to ourselves, so every so often one of us Threadstaffers will share their go-to’s. I’m Jess Hanebury, the Brand & Community Producer at Threadless, and I’m lucky enough to be first at bat! Here goes:

Turtle Wayne

Turtle Wayne - Turtle Donut

Turtle Wayne doesn’t just draw turtles. He draws turtles doing “impressions” of things. “Turtle Roller Skate“, “Turtle Donut“, and “Turtle Pharrell Williams” are just a few of the many ways this simply drawn reptile has been morphed into something new. I’m not quite sure what to call it other than awesome.  For a short time, Turtle Wayne drifted from turtles and instead drew some rabbits and elephants and his community of followers *freaked* out. I guess the people know what they want. And what they want is turtles.


Lorraine Loots Instagram

What is this?! An account of paintings for ANTS?! Oh, it is? Well, awesome then. Lorraine has been at it for a while, but every new piece has a charm and mystery all its own. Well maybe the mystery is the same every time: HOW IS SHE DOING THIS?

The Daily Type

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.27.30 PM

Behold: the magic of typography. The Daily Type is beautifully curated roundup of some of the best type posted on Instagram. Every day it reminds me how skilled typography can truly mimic the sound of spoken words.


Hanksy Bill Murrito

Three words: pop culture puns. Oh my goodness, the pure joy that pieces like “Pee Wee Merman” and “Vanny McBride” bring me is hard to describe in words. If you aren’t already following his hijinx, I highly recommend it. How can you not smile when staring at a Bill Murrito?


RAD Illustrates

There’s a few things I love about this Instagram. Number one, of course, is that it’s totally ridiculous and hilarious. Other than that, it’s amazing how instantly recognizable the celebrities and public figures are, even when so crudely drawn. The iconic hair and glasses of Kim Jong Un or Prince‘s straight mouth and piercing gaze are all captured in ultra-simple lines. It’s a reminder that there are very distinct elements of our faces and bodies that separate us and make each of us unique.

Any fave Instagram accounts you guys would like to share?


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Jess Hanebury

Jess Hanebury is the Director of Social & Brand strategy at Threadless. In addition to supporting incredible artists from around the world, she enjoys bikes, cheese and TV.