6 Ways To Keep Busy Over Thanksgiving Break

There’s only so much awkward conversation with extended family we can take over this break. Eventually, you’ll find your escape. Once you’ve successfully found solace hiding in the moth-ball scented guest bedroom of your Great Aunt Thelma’s house, use these 6 super-Threadlessy methods to pass the time. (Unless Aunt Thelma doesn’t have wi-fi, in which case, how are you reading this?)

1) Score!
Do our eyes deceive us? Yes, in fact they do. Score optical illusions submissions to help us choose a challenge winner.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.54.18 PM

2) Win!
It snowed. Write a haiku about it! You could snag a $25 gift code.1272x920design_01

3) Read!
Catch up artist interviews and other note-worthy art and pop culture pieces in the Threadless blog! (Which you are reading right now.)


4) Tweet!
This Sunday is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Tweet with us on #threadtwd for guaranteed jokes and possible winnings.


5) Submit!
There’s anime, Adventure Time and Avant Garde challenges running right now. Pick your poison.


6) Write!
Got cool stuff to say about art or pop culture? Yep, we know you do. Sign up to be a Threadless blogger and put your thoughts out into the universe!


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Jess Hanebury

Jess Hanebury is the Director of Social & Brand strategy at Threadless. In addition to supporting incredible artists from around the world, she enjoys bikes, cheese and TV.