6 Meaningful Habits and the Secret to Keeping Them

Be Kind

As we step into 2021 with cautious optimism, it is time we start creating meaningful habits. Admittedly, creating healthy habits feels a little different this year because the storms we weathered in 2020 have marked our lives exceptionally. Perhaps the most important experience of 2020 was learning that nothing is more important than caring for ourselves and our community.

So, this year, create meaningful habits that care for you and make you feel precious. Once you settle on your goals, give yourself space and time to grow, and be sincere in acknowledging your efforts. The secret to sticking to your new habits is staying connected to them beyond paper and pen. Make them a part of your life. A way to help you do this is manifesting them through art. Find a framed print or notebook that reminds you of your goals and keep it close by. Choose something that really expresses who you want to be and it will inevitably guide you towards your goal.

Here are six meaningful habits and creative designs to help you manifest a happy and healthy new year.

1: Believe in Yourself

Every day, take a little time out for introspection. Deep within, you will find versions of yourself that you want to explore but have never had the courage to. Your journey towards your goals will only begin once you start trusting your abilities. Throw aside self-limiting doubts and take up the opportunities you have been fearing. If you want to become an actress, sign yourself up for acting classes. And before you know it, you’ll achieve your goal!

Grab one of these wholesome designs to act as a yearlong reminder of your awesomeness.

2. Listen to Your Body

Amidst all the hustling and grinding, we often forget to check on ourselves and end up ignoring our physical wellbeing. Even if you have a very tough schedule, make a habit to sit down and relax every now and then. When you do so, lend your body an ear and you will start to notice that it has a lot to say. It might tell you that you need more sleep, or that you need to eat well. It might just tell you to take a day off and curl up with a cup of tea. Whatever the plea is, try to be kind to yourself and give in sometimes. 

Say cheers to a restful 2021 with these reminders.

3. Embrace Kindness

The biggest advantage of embracing kindness is that you can be Santa Claus any day of the year! The first step to achieving this is being kind to yourself. Accept your flaws and focus on your talents. Once you do this, you’ll find it much easier to be kind to others because you will have learned to be empathetic. 

Be kind and spread happiness in 2021 with these inspiring designs.

4. Practice Mindfulness

We often sit down for a meal and find ourselves lost in thought about work and relationships, unaware of the food we’re eating. In today’s fast-moving world, it is easy to get distracted by the million other things you want to do. This year, allow yourself to live in the moment. Let go of ruminating on the past and future, and focus on finding appreciation for your present. Practicing mindfulness can help you clear your mind of stresses that you unknowingly harbor, and make you feel happier. 

Display these designs around your home and keep blooming throughout 2021.

5. Make Time for Things You Love

The days go by as we attend to our obligations, recurrently pushing back our hobbies to some distant time in the future. There might be so much you want to do, but just keep delaying. The truth is that we need to really prioritize doing the things we love. Granted, learning the guitar chords to your favorite song doesn’t feel very urgent when emails are piling up, but it is just as important. Promise yourself this year that you’ll take time out to pursue the things you really like doing. 

Protip: Getting this blanket is sure to make it irresistible for you to curl up for some much needed me-time.

6. Love Yourself ❤️

It sounds like the easiest thing to do, but it is actually the hardest of all. Even when you do your best and give it your all, it feels tough to love yourself. But it’s okay, because loving yourself takes a lot of conscious practice. Everyday, remind yourself of all the good things about you. Try not to fixate on one aspect of your life, because there’s a lot more to you than your appearance, grades, or work performance.

Everything about you makes you fabulous! Initiate ‘Project Loving Myself 2021’ with this tote.

Surround yourself with art that brings you joy, reminds you to be yourself, and tells the world that you’re capable of achieving anything. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!

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