Halloween Face Masks: 7 Costume Ideas for Halloween

The pandemic is going to make Halloween eerily different this year—there’ll be less trick-or-treaters outside and more neighbors begging you to toilet paper their house (with the good stuff, no single ply). However, there are still fun Halloween traditions you can partake in that don’t involve asking strangers for candy, such as dressing up in spooktacular attire! We compiled seven Halloween face mask and shirt combos that’ll make your fall wardrobe more horrifying than a closet full of dad jorts.

1. Thank You for Being a Zombie

The Golden Ghouls” by Ibyes and “Zombie Face” by Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan

Much like best buds, Zombies roam around in packs and routinely break bread together. Show how much you appreciate your quarantine pals and confidants by making them a Halloween dinner while donning “The Golden Ghouls” longsleeve shirt. Complete the look with a “Zombie Face” face mask emblazoned with a toothy grin.

2. Jack-O-Lantern Nicholson

When I Was a Pumpkin” by tuniguts and “Retro-Inspired Jack-O-Lantern” by RyanDowellArt

We all know what happened in The Shining when Jack stayed inside for too long, so it’s important to get some fresh air, even during the pandemic. Take the family pumpkin picking for some alfresco fun—but not without wearing the “When I Was a Pumpkin” tee and matching “Retro-Inspired Jack-O-Lantern” face mask. Just be careful not to get picked by strangers in the patch!

3. Black Cat, Party of One

Black Cat
Death Rides a Black Cat” by obinsun and “Lucky Cat” by danilopezstudio

Despite what the internet tells you, not all cats are fluffy little cuddle monsters. Some just want to be left alone. Others contemplate eating their owners while they sleep, maybe with a side of Fancy Feast. If you’re content spending Halloween roaming the streets in solitude, pair the “Death Rides a Black Cat” longsleeve shirt with the “Lucky Cat” face mask to let others know they shouldn’t cross your path.

4. Tech-Savvy Swamp Monster

Swamp Monster
Swamp Thang” by Hillary White and “Swamp Monster” by Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan

Americans have been afraid of what lurks underwater since the 1950s, when Creature from the Black Lagoon hit theaters and sharks learned how to speak Russian. Pay homage to the classics by hosting an outdoor horror movie streaming party in your  “Swamp Thang” longsleeve shirt and “Swamp Monster” face mask.

5. Gamer Witch

Halloween Spells” by Cecelia Hotzler Design and “100% That Witch” by Katie Rose

Inviting all of your friends over for game night might not be the smartest thing to do during the pandemic, unless your friends are already ghosts. In that case, put on the “Halloween Spells” longsleeve shirt and “100% That Witch” face mask before summoning your spectral companions with a spirit board. Then, play a few rounds of Pictionary or Who Turned Down the Thermostat.

6. Mummy Mia!

Pretty Good” by Michael_Sieben and “Ninja Anime Bandages” by Artstuff

In the 1999 box office smash The Mummy, Brendon Fraser famously pointed and shrilled, “A mummy?! I’m shook!” You’ll garner the same reaction from your neighbors as you put up Halloween decorations in the “Pretty Good” hoodie and “Ninja Anime Bandages” face mask, both available in a blazingly white tone that’ll keep you looking well-preserved.

7. Self-Care Skeleton

I Thought of a Life That Could Have Been” by normanduenas and “Skeleman” by Anthony Petrie Print + Product Design

Sure, some things in life inevitably go wrong, but that shouldn’t completely dismantle your positive outlook. This Halloween, stop to smell the flowers and do whatever it is that puts a smile on your face—just like the skeletons on this “I Thought of a Life That Could Have Been” hoodie and “Skeleman” face mask.

Calling all Artists! Halloween is still weeks away, but it’ll sneak up right behind you like a butcher knife in a slasher flick. Be sure to read our Creative Resources blog to find out ways you can update your store for the Halloween season.

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.