8 San Diego Comic Con Artists You Should Know About

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is the Emerald City of Comic Conventions (yes, even more-so than the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle).

We’re hangin’ out at the Heavy Metal Magazine booth (come say hi at 1529!) with the winning designs of our Heavy Metal challenge (coming soon to Threadless.com – *hint hint* check back tomorrow), but there’s also a whole slew of Threadless Artist Shop artists who you should look for at SDCC!

If you’re going to be at the convention, here are 8 Artist Shop artists you must check out. And if you’re standing at the metaphorical San Diego Comic Con window, hand pressed against the glass, here’s our own little Artist’s Alley where you can shop SDCC artists without actually being there.

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1. Descender: Dustin Nguyen

Top left: “No Robot” | Top left: “2012” | Bottom left: “Automatic Romance 2” | Bottom right: “Automatic Romance 1

Not only will the artist of Image Comics’ Descender, Dustin Nguyen, have a space at SDCC’s Artist Alley – he’s also nominated for an Eisner for best painter/multimedia artist! Read our interview with Dustin Nguyen here to learn more about this amazing dude, and say hey to him at A-6 in Artist Alley.

Shop Dustin Nguyen’s Artist Shop here!

2. Alex Pardee

Top left: “Sharkasus” | Top left: “Kool Irony” | Bottom left: “I Hate Mondays” | Bottom right: “Bunnywith

Between his rad “Astralnauts” exhibition and opening up an Artist Shop, Pardee is bound to have a ton of new and exciting stuff as an exhibitor at SDCC this year. Go check him at at booth 5503, and do your research by reading our interview with him.

Shop Alex Pardee’s Artist Shop here!

3. Eric Joyner a.k.a “Tinman”

Top left: “Surf Day” | Top right: “Catfish” | Bottom left: “Sweet Buddha” | Bottom right: “Line-up

Donuts? Good. Robots? Goooood. Robots and donuts? Best combination ever. San Francisco artist known for his robot and donut art aesthetic Eric Joyner (a.k.a “Tinman”) will be at SDCC booth 4921. Check out his amazing art.

Shop Tinman’s Artist Shop here!

4. Comic Book Legal Defense Force

Top left: “CBLDF Logo – Cliff Chiang” | Top right: “FANCY FROGLIN – James Kolchaka” | Bottom left: “Lady Liberty – Michael Allred” | Bottom right: “State of Things – Duncan Fegredo

Even superhero stories need superheroes! The Comic Book Legal Defense Force (CBLDF) is actually throwing a kick-off party at SDCC to welcome everyone to the promised land of comic geekery. Check it out if you’re there!

Shop CBLDF’s Artist Shop here!

5. Monte Moore a.k.a “Maverick Arts”

Top left: “What’re YOU Lookin’ At?” | Top right: “Eighty Sixed” | Bottom left: “Circle of the Dragon” | Bottom right: “Fight Like a Girl!

Monte Moore – aka Maverick Arts – has pretty much illustrated for every corner of the comic world and geekiverse, including Lucas Films, Marvel, DC, Image Comics, Devil’s Due, and that’s just to name a few. He’ll be at booth 4800 at SDCC this weekend.

Shop Monte Moore’s Artist Shop here!

6. “Nameless”

Top left: “The Sigil of AZ” | Top right: “Astralnauts” | Bottom left: “Sacrificial Geometry” | Bottom right: “Skull

Comic conventions may be pop-culture hubs, but at their core they’re still a great way to find out about new comics. And Nameless is one of those non-superhero comics you should definitely check out. See what it’s all about at the Image Comics booth (2729) at SDCC (and also maybe check out Shutter while you’re there!)

Shop Nameless‘s Artist Shop here!

7. Amanda Conner – “Paperfilms

Top left: “Painkiller Jane – Amanda Conner” | Top right: “Painkiller Jane – Amanda Conner & Dave Johnson” | Bottom left: “Painkiller Jane – Amanda Conner” | Bottom right: “Back to Brooklyn – Phil Noto

Lady power! This year, there’s a record number of Eisner Award nominations for women, and the great Amanda Conner is one of them. Conner is up for the best cover artist Eisner award for her DC Harley Quinn covers. She also did most of the illustrations for the PaperFilms Artist Shop.

Shop the PaperFilms Artist Shop here!

8. I Heart Guts

Top left: “I’m a Liver, Not a Fighter” | Top right: “Life Takes Guts” | Bottom left: “I Heart Your Guts” | Bottom right: “I Lung Rock and Roll

Gotta heart body art- it’s adorable, punderful, and educational! Fan favorite Artist Shop “I Heart Guts” will be at SDCC with their adorable body part art and gut plushies. Check them out at booth 4433 to see your organs in a whole new (and dang cute) way.

Shop the “I Heart Guts” Artist Shop!

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You don’t have to be a San Diego Comic Con celeb to have an Artist Shop like theirs! Sign up right now!

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