8 Sweatshirt Designs That Need Sweatshirts Themselves

We know some of you live in warm, magical places where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and the grass is a marvelous shade of green (in other words, it’s alive). The rest of us, unfortunately, are up against some real cold situations. Thankfully, there’s a secret weapon that can help us fight the good fight here: sweatshirts, in the form of crew necks and hoodies. They’re just so darn warm and snuggly, which made us think: not only do us humans need these in our wardrobes immediately, but we’ve got several designs that could benefit from the extra layer, too. Check ‘em out below, and don’t forget to scoop up your own discounted crew sweatshirts and hoodies here!

“Window Seat” by Ross Zietz

Someone get this penguin a sweatshirt stat. The breeze up there is no joke.

“Adopt a Direwolf” by Sean A. Husbands

Because winter’s coming. Duh.

“The Undead At My Doorstep” by Leo Canham

Listen, if these zombies were all nice and warm in sweatshirts, they wouldn’t be knocking down your door to escape the cold. That’s just science.

“Human” by Pepe Rodriguez

A) It’s cold in space. B) It’s cold when you’re a skinless skeleton. C) It’s much less cold when a sweatshirt covers your skinless skeleton self in space.

“Fist Bump for Liberty” by Michael Bancrof

You know what really makes us feel liberalized? Trading stiff, uncomfortable, fancy clothes for hoodies. Washington and Lincoln would surely be cool with that in the name of freedom.

“Hipster Zeus” by Alajurena Jones

Because nothing says Hipster Zeus like sweet eyewear paired with a sweet sweatshirt.

“Talking Penguin” by David Olenick

This requires no further explanation.

“Halfling and Wizard” by Cool Johnny

This little halfling character’s one hot step from falling in that water. Then he’s going to be real cold. And he’ll be wanting a hoody real bad. These are facts of life, people.

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