9 Halloween Outfits That’ll Make You Scream (In a Good Way!)

Aside from Halloween, what other holidays encourage you to disguise yourself as someone you’re not? Pretty much none. Unless you dress up like a “person who genuinely likes their brother-in-law” for every Thanksgiving dinner. The tradition of dressing up is arguably the funnest part of Halloween, because it allows us to step out of our normal selves and be as ridiculous as we want. What’s stopping us from doing it all October long? In the spirit of letting loose and embracing the season, we assembled nine killer Halloween outfits for you to rock while we zombie-walk toward All Hallows’ Eve. Cue the “Thriller” music!

1. The Opposite of “No Bones About It”

No matter how well you know someone, it’s still hard to tell what truly lies beneath the surface. SPOILER ALERT—it’s bones. Literally, bones. Show the world there’s at least one skeleton in your closet with a head-to-toe outfit made of bone designs by artists Lagmentation and Babedrienne.

2. Zombie, Zombie, Zombie-Eh-Eh

Sure, it probably sounds disgusting, but have you ever actually tasted a human brain to find out if it’s delicious or not? No? Well that’s a relief. The “Zombie Green” Face Mask might make you look hungry for human flesh, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order off the vegan menu. Complete the look with the “Zombification” T-Shirt and “Fight of the Living Dead” Bucketfeet Shoes.

3. Extraterrestrial (AKA Strange Planet Superfan)

If you march to the beat of your own drum, it’s easy to feel like you’re an alien from a different planet. But that’s what makes you YOU. Embrace it! You might also relate to Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet characters, who make us smile with their unique perspective on everyday life. Put together a look that’s out of this world with designs such as “Chaos is How I Learn,” “And Yet,” and “Odd But Harmless.”

4. The Ghostest with the Mostest

Ghosts are why Halloween exists in the first place, so you can thank them for the all-you-can-eat candy corn. The fall holiday links back to the centuries-old Gaelic festival of Samhain, which marked October 31st as the day when spirits crossed over into the afterlife. Conjure up haunting Halloween outfits with apparel designs such as “Future Ghost,” “Ghost of Disapproval,” and “Slimy Ghosts.”

5. Mummy Dearest

Sometimes going out on Halloween is more fun in concept than it is in practice. Ubers are usually surging, you might get egged by the youths, and there are always drunk bananas roaming the streets. When your friends invite you to a spooky bar crawl, show them you’re “all tied up” with a head-to-toe mummy outfit by biotwist. Then take a nap in your sarcophagus and wait for Brendan Fraiser to wake you from your slumber.

6. Vampire on the Weekends

How could we talk about Halloween outfits without mentioning vampires? Who wouldn’t want to have cool fangs, transform back and forth into a bat, and never have to look at themselves in the mirror again? Bare your sharp teeth with the “Retro Inspired Count Dracula” Face Mask, and avoid the sun while wearing the “Vampire!” T-Shirt.

7. Queen of the Swamp

Some people like to wear a bathing suit while relaxing on the waterfront. Others prefer to wear a mix of moss, twigs, and muck. Emerge from your lagoon donning the latest swamp styles with designs such as the “Swamp Thang” T-Shirt and matching “Swamp Queen” Bucketfeet Shoes and Women’s Leggings.

8. Satan (AKA The Big Guy Downstairs)

Lucifer. Beelzebub. Mitch McConnell. He goes by many names and takes on many forms, but there’s no one more dastardly and cunning than the devil himself. If you want to look hot as hell, set your wardrobe ablaze with devilish designs such as “Wrench Devil,” “Touched by Satan,” and “Espressoul.” Can you already feel the sizzle?

9. Just Clowning Around

Do we really have to explain why clowns are so creepy? Their attire is unnecessarily bizarre and their distorted, painted-on facial expressions look…off. And when you knock over an inflatable clown, it pops right back up like the damn Undertaker. I mean, WTF. If you really want to give people the creeps, cover yourself in designs such as the “Clown” T-Shirt matched with the “Frown Clown” Face Mask.

There are A LOT more Halloween outfits you can assemble with spooky apparel designed by our global community of artists. Visit the Threadless Halloween Shop to find even more delightfully dreadful attire for the fall season!

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.