A New Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

A New Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Some real important heroes in this world are the ones that made us or raised us. Whether that’s your Mom, Aunt, Grandmother, super caring friend, or babysitting neighbor, all these folks helped to shape who we are today. We talked to a few of our Moms at Threadless about how they’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year, what they do to stay creative, and learned about a few of their favorite artist-made designs.


Betsy is Threadless’ Senior Digital Front End Engineer by day and a mom, well, all the time. For Mother’s Day this year, she plans on making blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast with her son Louie, then video chatting with her mom. Time seems to be fading together, but she says having Louie at her side has made things better. 

“As much as this has been incredibly challenging, and Louie and I now bicker like siblings, I am so grateful for him. I truly love spending time with him, getting to know his weird little brain. He makes me laugh so much, he makes my heart melt. By just being himself, he reminds me that even when I feel totally completely tapped out, I still have more strength in there, and love to give.”

Betsy says cheese, mayo, wine, pickles, soup, plus hours upon hours of TV shows has helped her and Louie maintain some normalcy. She also states, “it’s been really, really nice having weekly video hangs with friends!”

From left to right: “Everything is Fine.” by Stick Figure Girl Stuff, “Painted Flowers” by muka lata barua, and “Butt Boi” by Sanja.


Masha is a Help Team Ambassador on our stellar Customer Experience team. She’s looking forward to video chatting with her mom this year for Mother’s Day for a virtual teatime alongside her daughter, Nina. She’s found comfort in rereading some of her favorite books, putting big puzzles together, and watching lots of Disney films with her daughter. Masha is grateful for this time spent with her daughter.

“While we are at work and she is in school I miss so many little nuances of her character development, and now I see it all! Moments I will cherish forever – even if those are stressful moments.”

From left to right: “Hang in There!” by Joshua Agerstrand, “If” by Mitch O’Connell, and “Bless This Mess” by Cody Weiler.


Yuri is our Senior Accountant extraordinaire. She is excited to spend Mother’s Day this year with her three children, baking a pizza and having a virtual wine night with her other mama friends. She says while the world may be hectic right now, maintaining a somewhat regular routine is keeping her and her family grounded. She has found comfort in walking her dogs, watching new TV shows with her family and trying out new recipes.

“Spending time with my children is what I am mostly grateful for. Being part of a great company that not only helps their employees, but also the community is what I am grateful for as well. It shows how we are all in this together for sure.”

From left to right: “The Pugly Truth” by David Olenick, “Wonder Woman” by Elvia Montemayor Illustration, “Mamacita Wants a Margarita” by Habby Art.

Whether you’re a human mom, plant mom, fur baby mom, or a mom-type to your friends, your caring and nurturing nature is spreading joy to all those who surround you. Even if you can’t be with the ones you love this Mother’s Day, we hope you can find a special way to celebrate this year. 

Looking for designs to brighten your day? Shop some of the best “hand-picked by real Moms” Mother’s Day gift ideas our artist community has to offer.

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