Don’t Forget Your Bottom: A Threadless Guide to Waist-Down Apparel

We don’t have to convince anyone how much our community loves t-shirts. This is Threadless, for goodness sake! Our entire foundation is made of tees. (Sounds like a fire hazard.) But with so much attention drawn to what’s happening up top, have you ever considered what’s going on downstairs? Threadless has your butt covered with a variety of waist-down apparel that’ll add razzle-dazzle to your everyday outfits.

The shoes, leggings, and socks you’ll find at Threadless are anything but basic. Artists transform these essentials into statement pieces that draw you in with their bold all-over patterns and graphics. Let’s take a closer look at our waist-down apparel and the different styles you can integrate into your wardrobe.

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Waist-Down Apparel - Bucketfeet Shoes
Featured Design: “Pineappleade” by djlu

Featuring a classic slip-on silhouette and removable cushioned insoles, Bucketfeet shoes are as versatile as they are fashionable. If you prefer a more relaxed look, they’ll pair nicely with your favorite jeans, joggers, or leggings. For a semi-formal look, dress them up with a pair of pin-rolled chinos or a sundress.

Never underestimate the power of patterns.

Shoes that feature repeating graphics and vibrant colors can make an otherwise plain outfit look contemporary and stylish. Plus, if you don’t like awkward eye contact with strangers, flashy patterns will direct their attention to your kicks. Problem solved!

Featured Design: “Memphis Shred” by shygeek

These shoes were made for talking.

What you wear is very much an expression of your personality. Let your shoes speak for you with designs featuring words and phrases you vibe with. Bucketfeet are a perfect canvas for text-based art thanks to their smooth, laceless upper.

Featured Design: “Write Without Fear. Edit Without Mercy” by Tobe Fonseca

Feast your eyes on these.

Our artist community makes incredibly unique shoe designs inspired by all sorts of hobbies and interests, including food. It’s not everyday you see someone walking around in ramen shoes. Wearing designs inspired by the stuff you like is a great way to attract people with similar taste. Get it? Taste? (I’ll see myself out.)

Featured Design: “Ramen Overload” by jclovely


Once upon a time, the fashion police used to issue you a citation whenever you wore yoga pants outside of the gym. But it’s no longer a crime to be comfy. Today, the athleisure style is as fashionable as it has ever been. Our soft, stretchy leggings come in myriad patterns ranging from understated to “look at me, look at me!” Match them with a cardigan and flats for a more upscale look, or go full goblin mode with an oversized hoodie and a large frappuccino.

Be as wild as you want to be.

When you’re feeling sassy and want to dress like a Lisa Frank folder you used in third grade, animal prints like leopard spots and zebra stripes make you stand out from the pack. Our artist community LOVES animals, so you won’t have any trouble finding designs inspired by wildlife and cuddly creatures.

Featured Designs: “Suspicious Meow” by artlahdesigns | “Melon Leopard” by rosevi

Featured Designs: “Suspicious Meow” by artlahdesigns | “Melon Leopard” by rosevi

Featured Designs: “Liebe Und Freundschaft. Frieden.” by prajoedi | “Victorian Peony” by AdenaJ

Look fresh in floral.

These types of patterns are simply elegant. They’re always a solid choice for when you want to look classy, but not enough to put on real pants. Make them your go-to for Sunday brunch with friends or casual Fridays at the office.

Featured Designs: “Liebe Und Freundschaft. Frieden.” by prajoedi | “Victorian Peony” by AdenaJ

Abstract your wardrobe.

If you left your heart in the ‘90s next to your scrunchie and neon windbreaker, then you might appreciate this style. Color blocking and vibrant, abstract patterns give off distinctly throwback vibes calling back to retro fashion trends.

Featured Designs: “Tropical Sun” by Makart | “Radical Gradual” by Shades of Gold

Featured Designs: “Tropical Sun” by Makart | “Radical Gradual” by Shades of Gold


There’s no clearer sign of a silly goose than wild socks. Whether you wear them with jeans or dress pants, they give off the impression that “this person must be fun.” If you want to dip your toe into more eccentric looks without going full-on Lady Gaga, patterned socks are a safe start. Then, who knows, maybe you’ll want to try even more adventurous fashions.

Featured Design: “Mushrooms and Gnomes” by robyriker

There’s so mushroom for style.

Trees, flowers, mushrooms, and other outdoorsy elements make fantastic all-over prints for socks. Nature not only provides us what we need for survival, but it’s also a wellspring of inspiration for both art and fashion.

Featured Design: “Mushrooms and Gnomes” by robyriker

Flawless? NO. Purrrrfect.

Dogs are amazing, but cats are the most memeable mammals. They’re the undisputed kings of the internet jungle. Pay homage to our feline friends by wearing artist-made designs featuring the most cuddly, feisty, moody cats you’ll find.

Featured Design: “Cats Paradise in Teal” by Belettelepink

Featured Design: “Cats Paradise in Teal” by Belettelepink

Featured Design: “Pizza All Over” by ramarama

Add the final ingredient to your fit.

This is what happens when you write an article when you’re hungry. Everything always comes back to food. If you also appreciate the culinary arts, you can find all sorts of colorful sock designs with sushi, burgers, pizza, veggies, and more.

Featured Design: “Pizza All Over” by ramarama

Now that you’re up to speed on all of the waist-down apparel available at Threadless, you can start putting together head-to-toe looks featuring designs from your favorite artists. Don’t forget, each item you purchase directly benefits the artist who created the featured design. As always, thank you for supporting independent art!

The designs featured at the top of this post are “The Grand Phoenix” by prajoedi, “VHS Glitch 001: Azimuth” by Rob Sheridan, and “Pink Flower” by Shandra Smith.

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