An Ode to the Art of Our Abode

Some big life changes don’t really hit you until the exact moment they happen, when they become “real.” And I think that was the case when last night, we walked out the doors of our home at 1260 West Madison for the last time.

ourabode_arium1It was weird to stand outside of HQ, watching the lights inside illuminating the art covering the walls as former residents for the first time. Because 1260 didn’t just look like an office – it looked like an art gallery, or a once blank canvas filled (not to mention, had a buncha awesome places to take the best selfies ever).

So we wanted to share some of the art from 1260!



“My favorite is the Bill Murray mural by Greve. Because it’s such an interesting piece of work. Everything is pretty realistic and I fin the odd placements of the images aesthetically pleasing.”


That’s one of the greatest parts of 1260. We weren’t just surrounded by art on our computers and in our email inboxes. We were literally surrounded by art in the office.

It’s what made the space ours, and what will make moving into our new space kinda strange at first. Trading murals and color and art for white walls? It’s gonna be weird, man.

Shirt is “Hydro-Electric” by Joseph

“The skating mural is probably my favorite, because it has a hidden dong in it. Or the Threadless one behind my desk (see below). It was one of the first things that I noticed when coming up here the first time and it mad a really big impression on me. I’m gonna miss seeing it every day, I always catch something new.”

– Luis Romero


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.47.46 PM
My favorite shirt to post with in front of Alex Solis’s mural because it blends in with it – shirt is “The Party” by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre

As one of the newest members of the Threadfam, I don’t quite have all the memories that everyone else in does of 1260.

But when I first walked into the building for my interview, I was immediately blown away by the art on all the walls. And none of it ever got old.


“MRPRVRT‘s Frankenstein-looking garage door is my favorite.”

– Craig Shimala 

It was strange seeing all the desks – once covered in toys and art and the things that made each of them unique spaces – barren, stark white, oh-so corporate. But it was stranger to be leaving behind some of the art that made it home.

And yet, when one door closes, right? It’ll be weird moving into a new office before the white walls are splashed with color. But it’s also an exciting blank canvas waiting to be filled. And I can’t wait to see what our new space is going to look like, and what the memories from it will look like too.

ourabode_pacmanourabode_lie ourabode_devil ourabode_creepy1 ourabode_ABCkillsourabode_oldshirts ourabode_panda

Aaaand bonus! We even left a little final art piece of our own on our last night in the building. It’s a true masterpiece.


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