Are You Inktobering Yet?

There’s really only one thing that can get us more stoked about October than Halloween, and that’s Inktober!

#Inktober was started in 2009 by Jake Parker and has since become a hashtag more exciting than TBT. The goal of Inktober is to get artists to draw every day. There’s even a daily prompt to get the creative gears turning! All you have to do is draw, post, and tag your creation with #inktober or #inktober2016. It’s super fun, builds yer skills, and all the artsy kids are doing it.

Check out some Inktober2016 art (below!) and our Inktober creations from last year!

Top (left to right): Two of our own Threadstaff, Conrad Javier and Katie Lukes! | Bottom (left to right): ladykbuzz and Addison Duke

Of course, every artist needs their trusty materials. In need of a notebook featuring super cool art on the cover that will get you inspired and art-ready? That’s a super specific thing to need, and we’ve got it! Just in time for all your Inktober needs, Threadless now has notebooks.

Left: “The Great Monster of Kanagawa” spiral notebook | Right: “Everybody Knows” notebook

Have Inktober creations of your own? Leave them in the comments for a chance to get them featured on the blog!

Happy drawing!

Get drawing: Shop notebooks!

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