Are You There, Negan? It’s Us, #ThreadTWD

Well I think we can all agree that the “calm before the Negan” storm is turning us into zombies ourselves. So far, Negan’s the guy who says, “yeah, I’m totally coming to the party!” and then doesn’t show up ’til the end even though he promised to bring the beer.

This episode may not have been the doozy we were all hoping for, but it did have a big ‘ol mystery: What’s the deal, Carol? Are you baking-Carol? Badass-Carol? Sad season 1 Carol? WE DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE.

But I’ve said too much – I’ll let the tweets speak for the Carol confusion:

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.     .     .

“Join the Awesome” by Matheus Lopes & Rafael Perreira

First, a slew of pretty awesome pop-culture comparisons that this episode caused…y’know, before the Carol confusion ensues: 

“At Tiffanys” by Marion Cromb

And then there it was. The evolution of Carol…again. Carol has thrown us through quite a few hoops, and this night was no exception. What’s your game, Carol?



“Rainbow Apocalypse” by Julia Sonmi Heglund


“Geishaaa!” by Gnocks


“Z-Day” by Ronan Lynam





And finally, we have our one, lone winner of the night for tweet of the night! Don’t let the “calm before the Negan” doldrums slow yer tweetin’, threadtwd-ers. Let’s give ’em something to Talking Dead about.

What do you think is up with Carol? What the eff is up with the whole “we’re alllllll Negan” thing? Where are the acorn cookies? Comment below!  Featured image is “The Undead at my Doorstep” by Leo Canham

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