Art Gives: 8 Giftable Designs Supporting Amazing Charities

When you grow up, giving gifts is way more thrilling than receiving them. Maybe it’s because it makes you happy knowing that even for a brief, fleeting moment, you made someone feel appreciated. The Art Gives, Give Art Collection lets you spread love, hope, and positivity far beyond your inner circle with myriad gifts supporting those in need around the globe.

For this holiday collection, artists from our community made new designs and committed to donating at least 50% of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations through Threadless Causes. On top of that, Threadless is also matching donations! That means each time you buy from this collection, money automatically goes to charities serving communities and leading conservation efforts.

If you’re looking for gifts that feature incredible art and make a difference in people’s lives, this is the place to start. Peruse these fun, imaginative designs and learn about the amazing organizations they support.

“Let There Be Mirth on Earth” by Obinsun

“Let There Be Mirth on Earth” by Obinsun

This cheerful design by Obinsun shows creatures around the world sharing a moment of joy. To prevent their smiles from turning into frowns, we must all work together to protect the natural resources needed to sustain life on this planet. A portion of proceeds from this design goes to Oceana, which seeks to make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were through international advocacy and winning policy campaigns.

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“Crafty Cats Holiday” by Fiz_Labs

“Crafty Cats Holiday” by Fiz_Labs

Cats wearing Santa hats and batting around a ball of yarn? How could a pet parent resist? There’s even a cat pun! This adorable design by Fiz_Labs supports The Nature Conservancy and its mission to conserve land and water. Their team of more than 400 scientists takes on the threats of climate change and biodiversity loss in more than 70 countries and territories.

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“Merry Little Crisis” by Anna Lisa Illustration

“Merry Little Crisis” by Anna Lisa Illustration

This anxious pup is what our internal monologue sounds like when the holidays stress us the F@#& out. Anna Lisa’s design not only reminds us to take care of our mental health, but also raises money for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). This nonprofit focuses on improving quality of life for those with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders.

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“Growing with My Community” by Sophie McTear

“Growing with My Community” by Sophie McTear

Sophie McTear envisions a bright, sunny place where all life can flourish. Building a kinder, more inclusive world requires group participation, and you can make a difference by choosing a gift that benefits the National Center for Transgender Equality. This organization works to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people across all of society.

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“It’s the Thought That Counts” by Luis Romero

“It’s the Thought That Counts” by lxromero

Although this gift box drawn by Luis Romero is empty inside, it still carries a lot of weight. It benefits The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization. Their comprehensive programs and services include everything from pet adoption and animal rescue to low-cost spay and neuter treatments. They also offer classes covering myriad topics such as pet loss and first aid.

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“Proud of You” by Lucy Azzarello

“Proud of You” by Lucy Azzarello

This design by Lucy Azzarello delivers the positive vibes we need heading into the new year. Tell your loved ones that you’re proud of them for getting through these last few rocky years with a gift that supports Hope for the Day (HFTD). This nonprofit focuses on suicide prevention and mental health education with outreach programs incorporating concerts, workshops, special events, and innovative partnerships.

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“Giftees” by Shawn Smith (AKA Shawnimals)

“Giftees” by shawnimal

The colorfully wrapped gift boxes in this design by Shawn Smith look absolutely ecstatic. It’s almost like they don’t know they’re going to be torn into pieces and thrown away. (Don’t forget to recycle, folks!) Shawn donates a portion of proceeds to Chicago Freedom School, which provides training and education for youth activists as they take action for justice in their personal lives and communities.

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“Animals Are Sacred” by Sophie McTear

“Animals Are Sacred” by Sophie McTear

This elegant illustration by Sophie McTear speaks the truth with the phrase “Animals Are Sacred.” Birds in particular are such majestic creatures that capture our imagination as they soar effortlessly through the air. This design raises money for the National Audubon Society, which protects birds and their habitats using science, grassroots advocacy, education, and on-the-grounds conservation.

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In addition to our Art Gives, Give Art Collection, there are hundreds more Threadless Causes designs that make meaningful gifts. Find an artist you love, a Cause you believe in, and a charity you support, then shop with purpose!

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