Artist Quotes: Where Do You Go to Get in the Art Zone?

No matter what your art style or inspiration, there are two things every artist can agree on:

1: We hear “can you draw me?!” at least 20 billion times a day.

2: We all need a space where we can go to get in the zone.

We asked the artists of this week’s tees where they go to get their art on. Check out what they had to say. And if you have a cool place you like to go to get your art or writing on, leave it in the comments!

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“Mermicorn” by CLANTOONS

Around my studio I have oodles of knick-knacks, robots, building blocks, and dinosaur figurines. My art is about having fun. I surround myself with things that spark my imagination, that get me daydreaming and playing with the possibilities that a blank sheet offers. And when I can’t find inspiration in my studio I’ll step out for a walk or pop into a cafe for a bit and take in what the world has to offer that day.


– Ben Clanton (CLANTOONS), Seattle
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“Tyrannosaurus Walkman” by Alex Solis

I go into my studio at home where I’m pretty much surrounded by the art of artists and stuff I love. Doesn’t take too much though. As soon as I pick up some pencils, I’m ready to go – even without an idea. Sometimes I just work on random drawings.


– Alex Solis, Chicago 
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“Up There” by Mathiole

Definitely music. Music is my fuel – not just to make art and concentrate, but to live as well! I generally like progressive rock, progressive metal, and all the genres in between. Some of my fav bands are Opeth, Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta and The Deer Hunter.

– Matheus Lopes (Mathiole)
“Funky Polka Dots” by heyale

I work from home, so I usually try to work when I’m alone because it’s when I can listen to music very loud, get crazy, and get inspired – that’s when the magic happens!


– Alejandra Martinez (heyale), Mexico
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“Ze Croissant Moon” by TeoZ

My workspace at home is where I feel the most comfortable. Especially at night when everything is calm and quiet.


– Teo Zirinis (TeoZ), Athens
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“The Visionary” by Demented

Usually a familiar place like home, at my desk, or on the couch. I usually turn on some music or some type of sound – could be a movie, could be music, could be a documentary, something a bit chill. But then again, when I’m on a tight deadline I find it easier to get stuff done without any sound going on at all.


– Mathijs Vissers (Demented), Uden, Netherlands


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